What we do for our employers


RPM is a back-to-the basics-recruiting firm. We will not duplicate your effort or utilize resources readily available to you such as Job Posting Websites (Monster, Career Builders, etc.), Newspaper advertisements or Trade Magazines

RPM truly recruits. Our approach provides our customers with candidates not found in the traditional labor pool, with candidates that truly match the parameters of the position, often with a quicker turnaround on a search. RPM does persist until we succeed and we will provide you with continuous follow up until the search is satisfactorily completed.



We will first meet with you, telephonically or in person, to obtain a very thorough job description and understanding of the position you need to fill. This will entail not only an understanding of the job itself, but also an understanding of your environment, your industry, the company's mission, the goals of the position, etc. Although we may take a bit more time in the beginning of the process, this will save all parties much time in the long run and will make a much tighter and productive search. Areas we will need to know include:

We will begin the search in a timely fashion and will give you advice throughout the process. Typically when we have recruited a candidate, we will have thoroughly interviewed the candidate (via phone and/or face-to-face), we will have screened the candidate, we will tell you about him/her verbally and then will forward you his/her resume. Our goal is to only refer candidates that are truly interested in the job and truly qualified. If there are any potential “issues” that we perceive, we will let you know. We will then diary a follow up with you to further discuss the candidate and the next step. Of course, we will facilitate all steps to include interviewing coordination, etc., until the search is completed.


Value Added Services

Reference Checking – This is done with discussions with you. References are not typically checked until further into the process. We will do so with your and the applicant's permission. We will provide you with the verbatim information told to us by the reference provider.

Industry Perspective – While recruiting we often find out how your company is perceived and will share all information with you. We will also most likely find out what the competition pays, how the competition is doing, etc. Our recruiting feedback is typically quite useful for our customers.

Tours of our city – If we are recruiting out of town candidates that are relocating to Pittsburgh, given the time frame, we will give the candidates a tour of the city, take them out for a meal, etc. Given our Pittsburgh connection, we are able to provide the candidates with great insight on living environments, cost of living and other relevant issues.


RPM takes great pride in the quality of service we provide. We have developed the reputation of providing the highest caliber candidates. Our personalized service operates with sincerity and the highest of ethics are applied in our business dealings.